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A remodel is not going to be a trauma if you hire Unified Home Remodeling

A home remodel is not going to be a trauma for you if you hire Unified Home Remodeling, the leading New York home remodeling company. With more than 30 years of experience, it is the company that has the most international certifications that reduce the work it does.
Better Business Bureau has awarded it an A + rating because all Unified customers have registered a 99.6% satisfaction level average.
The American Architectural Manufacturers Association has certified Unified as an AAMA contractor since all the materials it uses in home renovations are submitted and pass the exhaustive tests of resistance, air pressure, all types of leaks, impact tests and other tests that guarantees work overtime.

The National Fenestration Qualification Council certified Unified as an NFRC company because all the products they use in their jobs comply with the energy performance tests.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency has certified it as an EPA organization because all its processes ensure that both workers and Unified customers are not exposed before, during and after work to lead exposure.
Also, all the products used by Unified have the ENERGY STAR guarantee seal as well as their practices at the time of performing the contracted work because they are conceptualized and manufactured under an energy efficiency criterion.
These are some of the international certifications that Unified has. Visit the website and see the total certifications you have. You can also have a photographic catalog of several of the works that your teams of installers have done. You will be surprised at the beauty and quality of them.
Through, you can contact your expert sellers, arrange a visit to your home and tell you with confidence what you want in the remodeling. They will give you the best recommendations so that your idea is concretized in the best way and that you and your family are completely satisfied.
A budget will be made without any commitment.

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