(Dunya News) – The mystery of eight-year-old Aqsa murder—who succumbed to injuries of stray bullet in Karachi—has been solved after five days of minor’s murder.

As per details garnered, the stray bullet was fired by a policeman named Waseem Khan.

Police officials told Waseem accidently shot Aqsa when he was cleaning his weapon.

On Sept 5, Aqsa was rushed to hospital on Firday after she was hit by a stray bullet in her school. Medics disclosed that bullet had hit Aqsa’s lungs.

Aqsa was under treatment at National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD).

Aqsa remained in Intense Care Unit( ICU) for 48 hours. Eventually, she lost her battle for life.

In a similar incident occurred few days ago, a ten-year-old girl Amal fell prey to stray bullet during cross-firing between police and robbers. Supreme Court has taken suo motu notice of the incident and constituted a committee to determine those responsible.