(WebDesk/DunyaNews)  – In last month only, three coalmine explosions in Quetta and Kohat took more than 29 lives due to criminal inattention towards laborers well being according to labor laws which resulted in inconsiderate safety measures and poor management of the working individuals in coalmines across the country.

In half a year, more than 70 lives become prey of the criminal negligence and insensitive inattention over the catastrophic incidents.

Such loss of lives - neither concusses the political elite nor knocks up the watchdogs.

At least nine labourers were killed and four others injured in Kohat. Photo: AFP

According to Pakistan Central Mines Federation, different accidents in coal mines result in the loss of more than 200 laborers every year.

As per the statics, only in Balochistan - there are more than 400 coal mines where approx. a hundred thousand coalminers work however, only 12000 are registered as laborers.

The country has suffered many coal-mine disasters, a situation that critics have blamed on poor safety standards. Photo: AFP

Coal Mine Accidents In Half A Year Only

23 miners were died and several were injured after twin coal mine collapse accident in the Marwar and MirIsmail region of Balochistan. Photo: File

Mining Industry and Criminal negligence of labor laws and laborer rights

According to International labour organization (ILO), government, mine managers, mine operators, supervisory officials and workers are required to ensure the safety measures regarding the proper ventilation, rock dusting, protection equipments, entrance exit arrangements among other labor in mines related well being measures.

According to the Chairman of Mining Federation Saeed Khattak, most of the mines are hugely deprived of ventilation measures which are a grave threat to the lives of laborers.

He further added that the impediments in organizing trade unions and workers for their right to work and right to live are themselves hindering in the safety of the laborers.

Mining is a profitable business and mine owners after the license of a mine being issued; give no attention towards the well being of the laborers. State and the departments responsible to ensure the implementation of the laws when contacted for the assistance neither pay heed nor assist in addressing the grave threat looming over the lives of hundreds of thousands of the miners working across the country, Chairman coal mining federation told Dunya News while speaking with the anchor person in the program Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath.

Labor, Laborers and Labor Laws

What are the priorities of the government departments and political elite?

Pakistan’s labour situation is showing its inability to discontinue the past trend of exploitation and maltreatment of labor.

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This immoral intentional abandoning of law was also explicit in the fire broke up accident at Gadani Ship breaking yard in which at least 30 laborers were killed, 50 injured and more than 50 went missing after explosions inside an oil tanker being broken up for scrap at the Gadani ship-breaking yard in the southwestern province of Balochistan.

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Inattention over the strict action over the Labour laws has already engulfed 260 lives in the horrific accident of fire in a garment factory of Baldia, Karachi six year ago. The criminal laxity burnt 260 lives alive.

The working conditions by and large, are not satisfactory, rather they are deplorable. Photo: File

The working conditions by and large, are not satisfactory, rather they are deplorable. Long working hours and poor working conditions are the normal features of a significant number of work places. A number of laborers in Pakistan also carry occupational safety and health hazards.

The latest coal mine and other tragic accidents engulfing the precious lives - one after another - require stern actions against the culprits. The country has suffered many coal-mine disasters, a situation that critics have blamed on poor safety standards. Miners were facing hazardous complications in Balochistan due to insufficient resources and lack of modern machinery. There is a dire need to review and amend repaying policies for the poor miners and laborers.

For efficient mining, modern machinery was a need of the hour and provision of all basic life facilities in those mining areas was the government’s prime responsibility.

Chief engineer of mines department is required to often visit mines sites and see the deplorable living conditions provided to miners, who do not have clean water, housing facility, and healthy food. Sincere measures should be ensured towards the security and well being of the laborers at work.

Translated and edited By Mehreen Fatima