(Web Desk) – A sculptor carved Hollywood action hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger statue out of a tree trunk.

The artist also shared his picture in social media that is going viral.

Carved from black oak, the impressive piece measures 1.88 meters in height (approximately 6′ 2″ tall) and took 6 months to complete. It depicts Schwarzenegger standing in his signature bodybuilding “vacuum pose,” capturing his muscular, v-shaped physique and flexed arms. A polyurethane coat brings out rich tones and the wood’s beautiful natural grain, as well as lifelike details such as wood-carved veins on the arms.

“This piece of black oak has the craziest grain of anything I’ve ever carved,” O’Neal says on Instagram. “Burls, knots, bark, bug tunnels, and grain that changes direction every few inches. Arnold fans will probably feel it interferes with the statue, but this piece is why I carve trees. So much character, and after all, Arnold is the Austrian Oak.”