rom the fairy tales of Cinderella and Snow White to more action-packed, girl power stories such as Brave and Mulan, Disney has a lot of classics under its belt. One such hit film was 1992’s Aladdin. Much like Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast of 2017, Aladdin was also set to have its live-action remake which recently dropped his first teaser, reported Variety.

Starring newcomer Mena Massoud in the lead role, the teaser opens up showing Agrabah – the fictional town in Aladdin. It then features the background scores of the classic Arabian Nights as the parrot Lago, evil Jafar’s accomplice, soars high in the dark clouds above the desert.

The clip then transitions to the Cave of Wonders – a cave that’s shaped like a tiger’s roaring mouth – showing Jafar standing outside as Aladdin makes his way in. At this point, the guardians of the cave, in their deep voice, say, “Only one may enter here, one whose worth lies far within, the diamond in the rough.”

And it seems like Aladdin is the “diamond in the rough”. Towards the end of the trailer, he discovers the magic lamp. While he might not know the actual worth of the lamp, fans of the film know about the magical being that will pop out of it. GENIE!

It was reported that his role will be essayed by none other than Will Smith, but it seems like the makers wanted to keep Genie in a bottle and didn’t feature him in the teaser. Aladdin has not been given a rating of yet, but it’s scheduled to hit screens on May 24, 2019.

Watch here:

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