atima Bhutto – former premier Benazir Bhutto’s niece – has strongly criticised the politics of Prime Minister Imran Khan terming it opportunistic and against the women empowerment.

“My criticism of Imran Khan’s politics has been that I don’t see any conversation with women in his politics. I don’t see a conversation that empowers the provinces. I see a lot of opportunism in it,” she said in an interview to NDTV earlier this week.

“We have a lot of cases of a lot of fear and intimidation and unfortunately I don’t really see that this government is taking any steps to reverse that. If anything its furthering that,” said the daughter of Benazir’s slain brother Murtaza Bhutto.

Fatima, unlike her cousin Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, has stayed away from politics, preferring writing instead. Her fifth book, a novel called “The Runaways” is likely to hit the shelves later this month.

“I was encouraged from a young age by my father to write and to read a lot. I don’t think it is a divorce from politics, I think a lot of what I write is very political,” she said.

“He’s a young man. He has been through a lot of trauma and violence. I hope he will be well and I wish him only well as a person. I prefer not to really comment on the politics of it all,” Fatima remarked when asked to comment about politics of her cousin Bilawal.

The young writer said she was averse to social media.

“Twitter has become so murky… It has become a platform for a lot of aggression and a lot of hate. Instagram I mean I don’t really understand what its redeeming qualities are because it is basically just people competing with each other and you know this terrible narcissistic one-upmanship. Facebook – I want nothing to do with it ever.”

This article originally appeared on NDTV website