n Mental Health Day Bollywood starlet Deepika Padukone shared her struggle with depression in a powerful message on Instagram.

In a video posted to her account, Padukone discusses being diagnosed with clinical depression in 2014 and the need to destigmatise mental illness.

“I didn’t think anyone understood what I was experiencing,” the Padmaavat actor said. “I didn’t want to wake up. I found comfort in sleep because I felt like that was my escape. Waking up was a struggle – I think that’s something I’m still scared of…”

“I think waking up was tough because… I didn’t want to face a day,” Padukone shared through tears. “Every day was a challenge,” she continued. “I was conscious of people seeing it on my face.”

“In 2014 I was diagnosed with clinical depression but in India, 90% of the people who suffer from clinical depression don’t seek help. Depression is like any other illness that requires intervention. So if you are someone who has experienced any form of mental illness I urge you to share your story by using the # NotAshamed,” she said in the video.

“There are others who refuse to seek help due to the stigma attached to mental illnesses. In 2015, I shared my story. Today I urge you to share yours too using the hashtag #NotAshamed.”

Padukone first came out with her mental health battle in 2015, starting The Live Love Laugh Foundation to help others in a similar situation.

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